Truck driver deals deadly cards!

Truck driver deals deadly cards!

Truck driver deals deadly cards!

Vijayawada, Apr 26:

A bored truck driver’s effort to kill time by indulging in a game of cards with friends and neighbours led to the infection of coronavirus in 24 people in one locality of Vijayawada city in Andhra Pradesh, Krishna district Collector A Md Imtiaz said here on Saturday.

A social grouping for whiling away time by another truck driver resulted in the virus affliction to about 15 people in another locality in Vijayawada.

These two instances accounted for about 40 cases in the city in the last couple of days, he said.

The truck driver in Krishna Lanka locality was bored and played cards with his friends and neighbours while the women grouped up and played tambola.

All this resulted in the spread of the dreaded virus in 24 people, he said.

“The same thing happened in Karmika Nagar. The truck driver moved around socialising and in the process about 15 people got afflicted,” Imtiaz added.

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