Uruguay’s beauty!

Uruguay’s beauty!

Uruguay’s beauty!

Wedged like a grape between Brazil’s gargantuan thumb and Argentina’s long forefinger, Uruguay has always been something of an underdog.Uruguay is perhaps the only south American country that has low rate of corruption. Experts say that it ranks high in practice of democracy, peace and modern economy.

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento’s historic quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its beautiful colonial architecture and urban landscape. Colonia del Sacramento changed hands between the Spanish and the Portuguese several times, each leaving their mark in the city that now is also blended with contemporary society. The historic quarter surrounded by the city walls feels like it’s suspended in time—a very picturesque place by the Uruguay river.

La Paloma

A small city, La Paloma lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is a popular summer beach resort amongst South Americans and Uruguayans themselves, who flock here to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. With spectacular beaches, this laid-back city is great to visit and there are lots of fun watersports for you to try out such as surfing, sailing and windsurfing. One of the best beaches for sunbathing is Anaconda Beach, where watching the sun set over the ocean is absolutely divine. Perfect for those who are looking to kick back and relax, La Paloma’s remote location makes it ideal for a quiet and peaceful holiday by the beach.


Located near the spot where the Rio de la Plata and the Rio Uruguay join, Carmelo is an increasingly popular tourist destination and with good reason, as it is dripping with charm, as wonderful old buildings and cobbled streets make up much of the town. The waterfront is lovely to wander along and from here you can take boat trips to the magical Parana Delta which is fantastic to explore. There is also a variety of activities for visitors to check out such as fishing, yachting and other watersports.


With a very Mediterranean feel to it, Piriapolis’ wonderful beaches are great for lounging on, and the long promenade that hugs the waterfront is perfect for relaxing strolls while taking in the sun and river views. One of the most popular beach resort towns in the country, it was actually created for that reason and so has a number of great hotels, restaurants, bars, casinos and shops, particularly as you get nearer to the coastline. While the waterfront Rambla is the most popular spot in the city, the delightful Pira’s Castle is well worth checking out, and the Hotel Colon is magical to behold.

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