US-China war in 3 months, fears Aussie former PM

Canberra, Aug 5:

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that his government held a less dramatic view of US-China strategic tensions than a predecessor who warned of a potential hot war before US presidential elections in November.

Former prime minister and China scholar Kevin Rudd wrote in the Foreign Affairs journal this week that the risk of armed conflict between the United States and China in the next three months was especially high.

Present PM Morrison said his administration had expressed similar views in a defense policy update last month when he announced 270 billion Australian dollars ($190 billion) in new warfare capability spending.Morrison disagreed with many in Washington that the United States was in a new Cold War with China. He had no answers for how China’s push for power in the South China Sea, on the Indian border and in Hong Kong should be handled. Australia and the Unites States share a bilateral security treaty as well as an alliance with India and Japan through the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, which China views with distrust.


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