Varun Kumar packs off Anuj Uppal in Q Lounge Open Snooker Championship

Chennai, Aug. 3:

Varun Kumar of MCC packed off Anuj Uppal of Delhi, beating him by four frames to two in the pre-quarterfinals of the Q-Lounge all-India Open Snooker Championship

In the pre-quarterfinals encounter when Varun was leading 2-0, Anuj managed to make a come back at 2-1. Varun pressed the throttle to put the frame score at 3-1 and Anuj managed to move it to 3-2 in the best of 7. Varun’s safety play and selective potting won him the berth in quarterfinals and he plays Girish of Railways.

National Junior No 2 Kreish Gurbuxani of Maharashtra put up a good fight against experienced Ashutosh Padhy of Orissa to level the score at 2 all. Ashutosh’s safety play won him the match to play Laxman Rawat of PSPB in the quarterfinals.

MCC’s Daksh Reddy’s 73 break in frame 4 goes in vain and he lost to Pandurangaiah of Railways 2-4. Dilip Kumar of Railways won Nikhil Saigal of Maharashtra 4-2. Peter Paul of Railways missed a sitter red on a break of 48 with 7 reds open and lost the frame to Yogesh Kumar of Karnataka. Yogesh dominated the match and won 4-1.

Quarterfinals lineup: Laxman Rawat vs Ashutosh Padhy, Rafath Habib vs Pandurangaiah, Girish vs Varun Kumar, Dilip Kumar vs Yogesh Kumar.

Results: Pre-quarterfinals: Varun Kumar beat Anuj Uppal (Delhi) 4-2 (70-15, 60-25, 42-66, 65-17, 51-60, 71-54), Pandurangaiah (RSPB) beat Daksh Reddy (MCC) 4-2 (72-42, 60-45, 40-74, 20-74, 61-48, 46-41), Dilip Kumar (RSPB) beat Nikhil (Mumbai) 4-2 (96-33, 36-109, 38-62, 55-10, 77-48, 69-36), Laxman Rawat beat Hari Rajamani4-0 (61-26, 60-19, 87-0, 69-44).

Girish beat Vijay Nichani (Coimbatore) 4-2 (22-52, 34-80, 78-42, 62-8, 61-49,59-5), Ashutosh Padhy beat Kriesh Gurbaxani (Mumbai) 4-2 (28-99, 70-15, 77-0, 20-60, 74-32,62-23), Yogesh (Karnataka) beat Peter Paul (RSPB) 4-0 (78-49, 57-72, 77-18, 69-33).

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