‘Vellaipookal’ a murder mystry

‘Vellaipookal’  a murder mystry

‘Vellaipookal’ a murder mystry

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Direction :
Vivek Elangovan
Cast : Vivekh, Charle,PoojaDevariya, Dev,Paige Henderson
Vellai Pookal, directed by Vivek Elangovan is a well made murder mystery with more than a few relevant messages driven home emphatically.
Rudhran (Vivek) , a retired police whose help is sought by the DIG to solve a triple murder in Chennai which he completes in no time. As a reward he is sent to the US to spend time with his son Ajay (Dev) with whom he is not on talking terms for three years.
A reluctant Vivek lands up in America and finds it difficult to break the ice with his son as well as his American daughter in law Alice (Paige Henderson). Soon a couple of people go missing in the neighbourhood and the unseen kidnapper shows a very violent streak during the abductions leaving a bloody trail. The policeman in Rudran wakes up and starts to poke his nose in the case. In a parallel track a sadistic drug addict keeps a bedridden woman and a pre-teen girl captive and metes out horrifying tortures of the sexual kind on them. What is the connection between the kidnappings, murders and the sadist and what happens when the killer strikes at Rudran’s home itself and whether he solves the case or not forms the rest of the screenplay.
Ramgopal Krishnaraju has composed the music set to lyrics by Madhan Karky.

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