Vetri’s ‘Red Sandal’ inspired by true incidents

Chennai, Oct 17:

Actor Vetri’s next project, Red Sandal, which is directed by newcomer Guru Ramaanujam, is set against the backdrop of red sandalwood smuggling and is inspired by true incidents.

“In 2015, 20 people were shot in an encounter Andhra Pradesh for alleged red sandalwood smuggling. This film is based on that and another similar event,” reveals Guru.

Vetri plays a north Madras guy who aspires to become a boxer. He says, “His girlfriend’s brother, who is his friend (played by Kabali Vishwanath), goes missing. Suddenly, the girl (played by newcomer Diya Mayuri) gets money credited from Renigunta. So, Vetri’s character goes there looking for him and how he finds him and uncovers a scandal forms the plot.”

The shoot of the film took place in Chennai, Renigunta, Talakona, and in a village near Dharmapuri. “We are almost complete with the shoot,” says Guru, who is passionate about reading on such incidents. The film also features KGF fame Ramachandra Raju in an important role.

Guru says, “The film talks about how certain people, who struggle to make ends meet, get entangled in such incidents. Whatever I read and heard from people is what I will show on screen and I want audiences to also know about it.”

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