Vibrant Visby!

Vibrant Visby!

Vibrant Visby!

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Visby is a town on the Swedish island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea. It’s known for its well-preserved town wall, a medieval fortification incorporating defensive towers. The town’s many churches include the grand, centuries-old St. Mary’s Cathedral and the medieval ruins of St. Nicolai and St. Karin. The main square, Stora Torget, has cobblestone streets lined with cafes and restaurants.

Town Walls

Visby’s spectacular town walls are about 3.5 kilometers long and were built of limestone in the latter part of the 13th century. Dotting the walls are 44 towers standing 15-20 meters high. Near the north-end stands the Maiden’s Tower , where legend has it that the daughter of a Visby goldsmith was walled up alive for betraying the town to the Danes out of love for the Danish King, Valdemar Atterdag. From here, the walls run east to the line of cliffs, turn south at the town’s main gate , follow the edge of the cliffs to Söderport, and finally veer west to end at the ruins of Visborg Castle overlooking the harbor.

Almedalen Week

Week 27 (July). Almedalen Week is one of the most important weeks in Swedish politics. Annually, Swedish politicians gather in Visby to give speeches, run seminars, and other political activities.Hotels and other accommodations on Gotland Island are always sold out, and locals use this week to rent their apartments as a way to supplement the yearly payments for their homes.


Farö’s scenery is different from the rest of Gotland, even though it only takes seven minutes by ferry to cross the strait. The landscape is more barren, and the sand on the beautiful bare beaches seems even finer. While you’re visiting, be sure to see the incredible Langhammars Sea Stacks and Helgumannen fishing village. Tiny fields and buildings dot the landscape, and many structures unique to the island are roofed with sedge, a tradition that has been abandoned elsewhere. Farö’s most famous resident was Swedish Film Director Ingmar Bergman, who died at his home on the island in 2007.

Kneippbyn Amusement Park

If you’re traveling with younger children this colorful amusement park is worth a visit, especially if the kids are fans of Pippi Longstocking. Among other attractions, the park is home to a replica of Pippi’s Villekulla Cottage; a rollercoaster; go-karts; trampolines; and a gigantic water park suitable for all ages, with plenty of fun slides and pools. You can also stay here at the Kneippbyn Resort Visby. Accommodation ranges from tents and hotel rooms to holiday cottages, and plenty of other facilities are on-site, including a café, restaurants, shops, tennis courts, and mini-golf.

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