Vienna, cultural capital of Europe!

Vienna, cultural capital of Europe!

Vienna, cultural capital of Europe!

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The capital and largest city in Austria, Vienna is one of the cultural capitals of Europe. For anyone with an interest in history, culture, fine architecture or even just a romantic city break, Vienna definitely is a fantastic place to go. The city is not a particularily cheap destination to visit, although prices are more or less in line with other western countries.

Vienna Zoo

The zoo in Vienna is the oldest in the world and was founded in 1752. If you are visiting with your children then this is the best place to take them. Have a splendid experience inside the animal kingdom. As the oldest and Europe’s best zoo, this is the home to more than 700 species

Austrian national library

Built in the eighteenth century, the stunning State Hall of the Austrian National Library needs to be seen to be believed; a wonderful statue of Emperor Charles VI, who commissioned it, stands at its center. A delightful dome with fantastic frescoes lies above, and countless old tomes and books line the shelves; wonderfully carved wooden handrails, columns and banisters complete the refined look of the place.

Spanish Riding school

Dating back to the time of Emperor Maximilian II, the superb Spanish Riding School was established after the ruler had the famous Lipizzaner horses introduced to his courtesans in 1562. Today, it’s one of Vienna’s leading attractions, thrilling audiences with fabulous displays of equestrian skills in the Baroque Winter Riding School in the grounds of the Hofburg Palace, where it has been located since 1735.

Opera house

Having gone through a lot ups & downs, the Vienna State Opera House has now gained the repertoire of being one the best opera houses in the world. Surviving many of the war bombings, the stage of present Vienna State Opera House holds more than 50 ballet works, and operas across 300 days every season. Without any doubts, the Vienna State Opera House is one of the best places to visit in Vienna.

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