Vietnam bans ‘Abominable’ over Chinese map claims

Vietnam bans ‘Abominable’ over Chinese map claims

Vietnam bans ‘Abominable’ over Chinese map claims

Hanoi , Oct 17:

Vietnam has pulled “Abominable” from theaters because the US-Chinese-made animated movie showed a map supporting Chinese claims to the disputed South China Sea.

The image in one scene showed the so-called nine-dash line, a vague and broken outline around the resource-rich waters China claims as its own territory.

Those claims overlap with claims by Vietnam and other Asian governments, and an international tribunal in 2016 invalidated China’s vast claims in a case brought by the Philippines.

“Abominable,” the story of a Chinese girl who helps a yeti get back to its home on Mount Everest, is a collaboration between DreamWorks Animation and China-based Pearl Studio.

It was shown in Vietnamese cinemas for a week before its removal.

“It is an insult to Vietnam,” said student Minh Hieu, who was looking for a movie to watch on Tuesday afternoon.

Another student, Nguyen Mai Huong, said: “I wouldn’t watch it even if it still showed in the cinema. The (nine-dash) map is straight-up wrong. And I am absolutely not going to support it.” “Abominable” began playing in the Philippines and other South China Sea claimants Indonesia and Taiwan in early October.

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