Virus recession

Virus recession

Virus recession

VVS Manian

Is prolonged pain/panic necessary?

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi certainly wanted people to be positive and convert the crisis into an opportunity for innovation, investment and growth. It was a pep talk with a lot of positive approaches and some industries like pharmacy may see definite growth and more opportunity. A common man contributes liberally to the economic growth, by emptying his wallet in hospitals, From Delhi to Chennai, hospitals are charging huge sums of money, being aware of the fact that they can capitalize on the fear psychosis and perhaps use this ‘God sent’ opportunity to quickly repay their term loans and OD’s to banks. The health “industry” will make more money than ever. Let us not live in utopia. Lockout or no lockout, things will first get worse before they get better. India is now in a pandemic and political crisis, where the opposition is slowly adding more problems by creating unwanted panic and spreading rumors. The reality is nobody is serious; they have no clue of how to handle the huge crisis which has no precedence. Everything is ‘trial and error’ mode. The wise will confine at home and plan to have a mini hospital room and increase immunity.

I have seen more than a hundred reports about how to treat the COVID-19 patients. Everyone including doctors, researchers, scientists, astrologers, and politicians has wasted their time floating rumors and findings which are not backed by authentic findings and recommendations. The worst and surprising are the astrologers who already have lost their face. Now they keep talking of the eclipse scheduled for 21st, inst, which they say will wipe out the corona episode!

Horrendous is the manner in which dead bodies of the victims of corona are disposed. I see no logic in wrapping and disposing off the body in a hurry. The bodies can be put in a wooden casket after due precaution and handed over to the relatives at the cremation ground. Of course, the victim’s kith and kin will pay all the expenses. A little bit of logistics will prevent TV channels stop showing sensational news.

It is high time that the health authorities educated the people and help them to seek the assistance of labs which can collect blood samples from home. If found positive, the health authorities should advise them via mobile phone the line of treatment and to report periodically, Nine out of ten may not need hospitalization. It is not impossible to highly decentralize the test/ treatment and hospital facilities in the most affected areas. The problem today is that we are perhaps losing focus out of the underlying fear that there is no proven treatment yet. Unfortunately for the authorities, people want to return to their routine to earn, as even the best of efforts by government cannot satisfy them fully. That is the catch!!

Virus economics

WHO failed miserably and created a calamity worldwide. Now the World Bank for its part is giving us a new pain to bear. The new World Bank report warns that the pandemic has plunged the global economy into a deep recession of “historic proportion” and the recovery outlook is bleak especially for developing countries.

The report, Global Economic Prospects published on Monday, compares the current economic crisis to 13 other recessions that have hit earlier and triggered solely by a pandemic. The findings are enormous. The overall global economy is expected to shrink 5.2% this year according to the report. It is the deepest recession since the end of WWII, the last time when there was comparable drop. It is affecting more countries than any recession going back to 1870. This is the first time that recession is experienced as a group in the last 60 years. It is a new kind of challenge to most of the countries including the “super powers”. Even the best of brains in economics are baffled for an answer.

There is however a silver lining in the dark cloud. Politicians will see where they failed – not taking care of safe home, shelter and poverty. It has exposed all over the world how the poor are living in deplorable conditions under the most health hazardous environment. The crisis has shown us that health is the No 1 priority. It will galvanize us to implement pandemic preparedness system which we have not done so far. Remedial education programs are being rolled out to help students catch from school closures. Most important it will enhance knowledge and family use of digital media will become routine. Lastly, the safety net programs that so many countries have set up may help to address poverty and inequality in a better manner.

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