Vizag, coastal charm of India

Vizag, coastal charm of India

Vizag, coastal charm of India

Vizagapatinam, popularly known as Vizag is one of the oldest port establishments in the heart of Andhra Pradesh. Known for its serene landscapes, and picturesque beaches, it’s the birth place of some of the best places that adds a great amount of significance to the city’s cultural heritage.

Yarada beach

Among all the beaches in the city, Yarada beach is one of the most amazing place to see. Enveloped by the Bay of Bengal on one side and magnificent hills on the other three sides, the Yarada Beach is a perfect place to spend your day watching the captivating views of the sunrise and the sunset.

Katiki Waterfalls

Katiki Waterfalls is one attraction that should definitely be on the Visakhapatnam sightseeing list. Gosthani River being the main source of this waterfall, this picturesque waterfall measures about 50 ft., and is surrounded by lush greenery in Araku Valley. For travelers who love adventure can also experience trekking in the region near the waterfall.

Borra Caves

For history lovers Borra caves is a one stop destination. Set amidst the Ananthagiri Hills in Araku Valley, it is considered to be one of the largest caves in the country and is located at an elevation of about 705 meters. The caves were discovered way back in 1807, and ever since, they’ve become a popular tourist attraction. Made of karstic limestone, travelers can witness the real beauty of these structures when the natural skylight paves its way in. Being kaleidoscopic in nature, tourists can also admire the enigmatic beauty of evergreen forests, scenic landscape, and the breathtaking views that surround the Borra caves.

Araku Valley

As far as your eyes can go, you will see every inch of land in Araku Valley covered with greenery. It is one of the best places to visit in Vizag for nature lovers. Moreover, the view of lofty mountains against coffee plantations will definitely enchant you to the core and leave you in awe. So, if you want to witness the natural beauty of Vishakhapatnam then you should head to Araku Valley and capture some beautiful landscapes to cherish forever.

Submarine Museum

The Submarine Museum standing prominently against the stunning backdrop of Ramakrishna beach is the first of its kind in all of South Asia. The INS (Indian Naval Service) Kurusura Submarine was a Soviet built-I-641 class Submarine, which after 31 years of service was decommissioned and converted into a fascinating museum for the public. There are six guides and a curator to inform and educate visitors about the complex workings of the submarine, and the simple experience of being inside a sub is a thrilling novelty.

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