Vizag gets first-ever humanoid cop


In a bid to improve the efficiency to address the complaints, Visakhapatnam Police have launched first of its kind cybersecurity interactive robotic agent robot, CYBIRA stationed at Maharanipeta Police Station, which can automatically take complaints in an effective manner.

The new facility was launched by the Commissioner of Police (CP) R K Meena on Monday.

A start-up company Robo Coupler Private Limited has designed a robot ‘CYBIRA’ (cybersecurity interactive robotic agent) for registering and disposing of complaints at the police station in an effective manner.

CEO of the start-up company Praveen told that “Once the complaint is registered, CYBIRA will deliver an acknowledgement to the respective complainant and investigating officer to resolve the issue within 24 hours. Each complaint will have a deadline for a maximum of three days to get resolved.

CYBIRA which is at present stationed at Maharanipeta police station can receive complaints through voice recording or keying in the details on a laptop attached to it.

The basic concept of this robot is that it can register a complaint and automatically the complaint is sent to the head of the department, who can then solve the problem within a minimum duration of time.

“If the complaint doesn’t get solved then the complaint is informed about the same through an alarming system. The complaint will then be sent to the higher authority and further to other higher authorities. In case these authorities fail to solve the problem then the complaint will be sent to the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO),” said Irravat.

Total of 138 applications have been installed with the e-governance system so far. If the complaint doesn’t get solved, it will automatically send a message to the higher officials in every 24 hours.

There are a total of 13 cameras installed in this robot. It means that 360 degrees video can be captured 24/7 of the surrounding areas.

In case any old criminal is identified by the robot, it will send messages to the control room about him or her.

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