VJS, Andrea are now a part of Avengers

Tamil version of Avengers end game trailer was released recently and it came across as a surprise for Tamil audience as Makkal Selvan has dubbed for one of the lead characters of the story, Tony Stark aka Ironman which is played by Robert Downey Jr. and Andrea Jeremiah has dubbed for Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow.
where it becomes interesting. It is expected that the film is set to release on April 26.
Talking about the reception to #marvelanthem.AR Rahman said that “For those who liked it, thank you… And for those who didn’t… I hope I can make you like my next song”
On Sharing about this VJS said that “ I am.part of the dubbing union. I’ve tried a lot to dub for cartoon films, but didn’t get the opportunity. There is a mixture of fear and anxiety about how people will respond. My son loves mass films, and his favourite superhero is #IronMan…He always asks me to act in mass films….@VijaySethuOffl: i have incorporated my inputs to the dialogues to make it more authentic for the Tamil audience”.
Actor Andrea said that “When I watch #BlackWidow, I am impressed with her multiple facets. She is vulnerable, she os sexy, she is bold, she is beautiful. We tend to box our heroines too fast, so it was particularly exciting to voice for this character”.
Watch the intriguing trailer of Avengers Endgame in Tamil here:

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