‘Watchman’ Dog wins hearts in this crime thriller

Director : Vijay
Cast: GV Prakash Kumar, Yogi Babu, Suman
‘Watchman’ a dog-centric film sees GV Prakash as a water seller. The dog plays a very important role who leave no stone unturned to save his master.
‘Watchman’ is all about how a youngster (GV Prakash) gets into the bungalow to steal money so that he can settle the debts to a local loan shark. But the poor fellow does not know the trouble that awaits him inside the huge house, which he thinks was locked up.There are no big twists and turns in the film which largely depends on GV Prakash and the dog Bruno to carry it forward. The constantly moving camera and the pulsating background score (by GV Prakash) is the saving grace.
There is nothing much happening in the first half— as we are told about GV Prakash’s backstory and the number of times he falls down from the moment he enters the building. At intermission, we are introduced to the terrorist gang who speaks Hindi and the bungalow owner, a retired top police officer(Suman)!
As usual, GV Prakash looks earnest and sincere, he has done his work with utmost dedication both as a composer and actor. After GV Prakash, the dog Bruno looks cute and attracts us. But both Bruno and Prakash can’t save the sinking ship, especially when the Captain himself is not in his best form. Samyuktha Hedge, Suman, Raj Arun, and Yogi Babu are just adequate
Nirav Shah’s cinematography maintains the thrill factor throughout with his frames and color tone, he also rightly capture the expressions of the actor despite the night effect.
The positive aspect is the crisp runtime of 95 minutes.

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