Water resources Dept launches rainwater storage system with Japanese technology

Water resources Dept launches rainwater storage system with Japanese technology

Water resources Dept launches rainwater storage system with Japanese technology

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Chennai, Mar 27:

The Water Resources Department has kicked-off a pilot model using Japanese technology to save rainwater at its Taramani campus.

This survey pilot project was funded by JICA and executed for the State Ground & Surface Water Resources Data Centre, Taramani, Water Resourses Department, Government of Tamil Nadu.

A formal handing over event of this JICA funded project took place with the participation of representatives from the Public Works Department, JICA, Consulate of Japan and Totetsu Manufacturing Company.

Consultants, engineers and technicians from the plumbing, MEP and construction industry participated and interacted in the technical seminar session, which was conducted as a part of the event. Seiichiro TAKAI, Managing Director, Totetsu Mfg. Company, Japan, Yuka MATSUSHIBA, Programme Specialist, JICA Indian Office, Hiroyuki OKUI, Managing Director, ARSIT and Shiho BANBA, Consul, Consulate-General of Japan, Er. Pandiyan, Joint Chief Engineer, Water Resources Department of PWD, Er. A. Dhanapal, Joint Cief Engineer, State Ground and Surface Water Resources Data Centre and Er. S. Raja, Executive Engineer from Chennai PWD spoke on the occasion and expressed happiness on this Japan-India association and narrated the unique experience of setting up this pilot project.

Seiichiro TAKAI and Er. A. Dhanapal formally exchanged the completion documents that marked the official handing over of the pilot project.

Hiroyuki OKUI, Managing Director of Association of Rainwater Storage and Infiltration Technology (ARSIT) presented a technical paper highlighting the technology, construction of tanks using the different components, accumulation of rain water in a 6 lakh litre capacity underground tank and the conditioning (disinfecting) system and process before it is released for general public. He added that the disinfecting system converts the stored rain water as potable water and can be distributed through water ATM machine.

“Aqua Palace” – the unique plastic components specially developed by Totetsu – a Japan based company was used in the pilot project to maximize the storage and utilization levels.

S. Raja, executive engineer, WRD, said the underground storage tank was more of a composite structure, with inner walls built using imported PVC plates and pipes.

A disinfecting system has also been installed and there are plans to distribute the water to residents through a water ATM. WRD’s Taramani campus was able to store enough water for six months.

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