Will Trump lose?

New York, Aug 9:

History professor Allan Lichtman is used to being right in his predictions on who will be winning the US presidential race since 1984 when he correctly predicted the winner of each presidential race since Ronald Reagan’s reelection victory in 1984 using his “13 keys” system.Now, Lichtman and his “13 keys” are ready to call 2020.In an interview with CNN, Lichtman was definitive in his answer: “The keys predict that Donald Trump will lose the White House this year.”Lichtman bases his prediction on a model of “13 keys” that can be answered as either true or false for any given election. The “13 keys” in his system include factors such as the economy, incumbency, social unrest and scandals, as well as the candidates’ personal charisma.

To the comfort of Trumps’s camp, it’s worth mentioning that in 2000, Lichtman predicted that Al Gore would win the election. Although Gore won the popular vote, he ultimately lost the presidency to George W. Bush after the Supreme Court ruled to stop the recount for Florida’s electoral votes.

Lichtman stands by validity of his prediction despite Covid-19 pandemic backlash on economy and people’s mood.


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