Witness spellbinding sceneries at Mahableshwar

Witness spellbinding sceneries at Mahableshwar

Witness spellbinding sceneries at Mahableshwar

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Nestled among the Sahyadri Mountain ranges, there are numerous enchanting places in the quiet mystical Mahabaleshwar. Once, a summer capital of Bombay during the British Raj, the city has British influence that is reflected in its architecture. It is a very popular hill station that offers a plethora of tourist activities and attractions to avid travelers, adventure seekers and nature lovers. Simply spend some time to relax, refresh and revive your body and mind, and you’ll be sorted to resume your busy city life again.

Mahabaleshwar is a green gem in Maharashtra, blessed with an abundance of spellbinding scenic beauty. Here are the best places that you must visit on your trip to Mahabaleshwar:

Venna Lake

Venna Lake, the most popular among the tourist places in Mahabaleshwar, is a bustling tourist spot. The lake is surrounded by trees on all side, and offers boat riding option as well. It’s open till late in the evening so that you can soak in the breathtaking lush greenery during the day, and lounge by the lakeside towards the evening.

Entry fee: None. However, be ready to shell out some to rent the boats.

Mapro Garden – The Delightful Strawberry Garden

Very popular with tourists, Mapro Garden is a garden park close to Mahabaleshwar. The heaven is abundant with strawberry plantation and hosts the annual Strawberry Festival with great enthusiasm. Jams, preserves, marmalade, toppings, syrups and squashes – all sort of strawberry delights are manufactured and sold here. You can try some wonderful fruit salads, strawberry shakes, and ice creams, prepared from fresh strawberries, just plucked from the garden.

Key attractions: The Strawberry Festival, where the visitors can eat strawberries to their heart’s delight and enjoy the folk performance of Shivkalin Dhol & Lezim. The 9 days-festival usually takes place in the month of May.

Entry fee: The delightful place is open to all for free.


The fabulous fort is rich in historical significance and unmatchable views. Placed strategically on a hill-top, the fort was originally built by Maratha rulers in 1665. Having seen one of the most fierce battles in the history – the battle of Pratapgad, the fort is in ruins. But its surrounding beauty and heritage value lures people till date.

Key attractions: Stunning Mahadev temple in the upper fort, wondrous Goddess Bhavani temple in the lower fort, and the holy dargah of Afzal Khan in the vicinity.

Entry fee: none

Lingamala Falls

The Lingamala falls are a nature lover’s delight. You have to walk through the forest and follow a trudged trail to reach it. The falls are located amidst natural beauty, at a great spot for photography and picnic with friends and family. The best time to visit Lingam Falls is between July and December. During these months, Lingamala Falls become the most visited spot among the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. Post monsoon the waterfall is much higher, more beautiful, yet more dangerous.

Key attractions: The fact that you get to see three waterfalls in the pack for one. The mesmerizing Dhobi waterfall and Chinaman’s waterfall are also located nearby.

Entry fee: Rs20/ person

Elephant’s Head Point

Elephant’s Head point, as the name suggest, is a piece of mountain which uncannily resembles the shape of an elephant’s head. It is also popular as the needle point. Quite a popular place to visit in Mahabaleshwar, it’s an ideal spot for picnic in fresh air, with abundant sun and scenic beauty surrounding the hill-top. It is a cool and calm place with amazing views from the top.

Entry fee: none

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