Woman found living in van with 300 rats


A California woman was found living with around 300 pet rats in her van before concerned residents complained and called the San Diego Human Society — an NGO for animal welfare.

The officials found around 320 rats from the van and they were transferred to a facility where they were tested and put up for adoption. Currently, around 140 rats are up for adoption.

The woman, identified as Carla, initially had two rats, Jacob and Rachael. Being homeless, the woman kept the rats in a cage in her van. However, as soon as the breeding season started, the rats started multiplying.

Hundreds of rats were seen crawling inside the van. By the time officials reached out to the woman, the rats had made way in the wiring and engine of the car.

A resident came to Carla’s help and set up a Go Fund Me page, raising over $5000. Another resident also donated an SUV.

Dane Cook, a captain with the Humane Society’s law enforcement department, said it was not a case of animal cruelty. The owner gave her rats ample food and water and surrendered them readily when Humane Society officers showed up.

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