Women feeds crows, recieves gifts in return

Women feeds crows, recieves gifts in return

Women feeds crows, recieves gifts in return

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San Francisco:

Ever dreamt of having a crow for a friend?? Your answer would be no I guess. But here is a woman from San Francisco who even receives gifts in return from the crows she befriended.

Melinda Green said she started feeding two families of crows who made their first appearance outside her Marina District apartment about three years ago.

Green said she and the crows have “rules established,” where they will watch for her blinds to be open and then come to collect treats from her fire escape landing and windowsill.

The crows started leaving her gifts in exchange for the food. She said they have brought her portions of a champagne bottle, gummy bears, colourful rocks, bones, nuts and strange bits of antique electronics.

Green said she has learned a lot from her interactions with the crows.

“I’ve learned just how similar crow families and dynamics are to human families,” she told The Dodo. “They seem to have long-term relationships and to raise one or two children at a time in nuclear families. The parents are clearly actively teaching their children. They clearly want to show them where the nice lady lives and how to get a treat from her.”

You can try befriending crows next time… But remember, it might have its own drawbacks too…

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