Women ties knot with ‘Elder tree’

Women ties knot with ‘Elder tree’

Women ties knot with ‘Elder tree’

Two hearts and soul unites to one in marriage. But here the knot is tied with the heart and soul of nature to make it eternal.

Kate Cunningham will now be known as Kate Rose Elder after her marriage with the elder tree in Litherland’s Rimrose Valley Park of Merseyside, England as a stunt to raise awareness about a campaign opposing the construction of a new bypass and to save the elder tree.

She wore an olive green dress, a homemade skirt and green pumps for the symbolic ceremony in which her two sons, her boyfriend, her father, and her friends took part.

Local residents have been campaigning to block the new three-mile bypass through Rimrose Valley that was proposed by England highways inorder to reduce the traffic congestion which will involve a huge destruction of green space.

She said: “I’ve been a protester marching in street demonstrations with thousands of other people but it doesn’t attract enough attention from people. I want people to engage with the campaign and raise questions about the destruction of our greenspace. There is already too much pollution and we desperately need a solution which addresses this; not one which will make it even worse.”

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