World’s first astrology hotel!


If the stars align for you and you get to go on vacation, why not consider a stay at the ‘world’s first astrology hotel’ in Sydney, Australia? Located in a heritage building in Chinatown, The Ultimo hotel offers packages specific to each sign of the zodiac. It calls itself the world’s first astrology hotel!

The astrology hotel has created unique experiences to make guests feel aligned to their sign, so its decor, food and activities are inspired by the study of the stars. This includes an Astrolo-tea with tea and treats especially selected to match your sign. It even has a full astrology library, so you can deepen your studies around the zodiac while you’re there.

While at the hotel, guests can call on the services of professional astrologer, Pia Lehmann. There’s the ‘solar writer’ package and the ‘getting to know you’ package, or you can book a natal chart interpretation session for a 90-minute in-depth consultation of the star chart at the exact time and place you were born.

The pet-friendly Ultimo has 95 rooms, and the hotel has compiled lists of “experiology” and “gastrology” activities throughout the surrounding Chinatown neighbourhood tailored to each zodiac sign. These suggest things to see and do and places to eat that are suited to each star sign.

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