Yelagiri recharges Chennai !

Yelagiri  recharges Chennai !

Yelagiri recharges Chennai !

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A hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu, Yelagiri, is just what ‘far from maddening crowd’ means. Yelagiri hill tourist spots evoke a sense of peace and calm, and the hill station dates back to the British colonial days. In fact the entire place was the private property of Yelagiri Zamindar family, and in 1950 it was taken over by the Indian government.
Yelagiri is a untouched hillstation unlike all the other hillstations you have been to in India. The place is located between two towns, Vaniyambadi, and Jolarpettai, and is the perfect getaway for a great time.
Jalagamparai waterfalls:
Jalagamparai waterfalls, is one of the important tourist spots in Yelagiri . The river Attaru which is a seasonal river passes through the Yelagiri Hills and falls vertically from a height of about 15 meters. The waterfall is situated in an isolated place and is not crowded most of the time. The best time to visit this place is from November to January as the water from the North East monsoon rains will ensure that there is water in waterfalls. This falls is very near to the Jalagamparai temple which has been constructed as a dedication to Lord Shiva.
Puganoor lake:
The Puganoor lake is an artificial lake which was constructed to enhance the beauty of the place and attract tourists. This lake is located at the centre of Yelagiri hills. The lake has boating and rowing facility which gives tourists the pleasure to enjoy the scenic beauty of hills at a leisure place. There is also a beautiful garden close by where people can sit and enjoy the beauty of the lake. There is a fountain and a children’s park installed in the garden, there is also an open space where different species of birds nest.
Adventure sports:
Would you believe in the statement,” A family that holidays together,stays together?”. Well that sounds quite philosophical, yet you must be agreeing somehow, its true. And in the case when your idea of a perfect vacation somewhere cuts through some heart-pumping adventure, then it’s definitely actual! Im Yelagiri , there are exclusive options like trekking, rock climbing and paragliding , which you surely would like to enjoy with your loved ones. The government is even organising coaching classes in regular intervals.
Telescope Observatory:
Also known as the Vainu Bappu Observatory, this is one of the main tourist attractions of Yelagiri Hills. Tourists come here regularly to get a closer look at the solar system, and the celestial bodies. This one is by far one of the most exciting places to visit in Yelagiri, and falls under the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore. You would be surprised to know that this is where the largest telescope of Asia is kept. There are quite a few deers walking freely in this area, and one can also find enchanting plant life around here.

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