Yenadhu Muzhuvaley, a visual treat for the valentines!

-: Preethi Jayaraman:-

Just in time for the valentines, Director Praveen Paramasivam’s ‘Yenadhu Muzhuvaley’ (My Everything), released recently in youtube platform is garnering support from youngsters for its beautiful melodrama presented in the form of a musical video,with the background score composed elegantly by Joseph Thomas.

Revolving around the love of young couple Arjun (Eshwar Baasha) and Dhiya (Monica Ramesh),the melodrama starts with breakup between the two at a cafe. Arjun, a young aspiring Assitant Director is waiting for his turn to show his talent on big screen. Dhiya (his girlfriend) fed up with waiting for him for over four years,turns down their love for the sake of her parents.

The picture then swiftly drifts to the emotions faced by the duo during their breakup phase and here is where the background score of Joseph Thomas comes in handy, acting as a back bone to Director Praveen’s script. Whether they come together or not forms the climax of the story.

Umesh Babu, Kevin Jonathan and Sri Rajeshwari’s guest appearance remains a surprise factor to the audience.

Director Praveen Paramasivam’s take on love is refreshing and unique, and is filled with positivity. Siranjeevi’s lyrics is perfectly brought to life through the voice of Joseph Thomas and Vishnu Nandhini. Cinematographer Jone Kingstone has captured the lovely visuals in an aesthetic manner, presenting the love between the duo in unique tones. Ravikumar’s editing makes the drama filled with emotions. Eshwar and Monica deliver a lovable cute performance.

Produced under the banner of Sri Rajeshwari Films by S.Vetrimaran and released by Director Anand Shankar, ‘Yenadhu Muzhuvaley’ will make you fall in love with love and celebrate every aspect of it.

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