Zero-waste juice shop!


With ‘Go Green’ becoming the need of the hour, many cafes around the globe are coming up with unique ways to satisfy its customers and at the same time remain loyal to the mother earth.

Eat Raja, a cafe located in Bengaluru’s Malleshwaram does not serve juice in plastic cups or straws. Instead, you will be served your refreshing beverage in fruit shells with straws made of banana leaves. The cafe supposedly encourages its customers to bring their own containers from home to ease takeaways.

Anand Raaj, the man behind the zero-waste juice bar was a successful radio jockey, who quit his job to take over his father’s old juice shop. He transformed it into a zero-waste venture, with an eye on the details. Thus, he uses only locally sourced fruits and vegetables, and has divided the waste into wet and dry. Not only this, he has brought on-board mothers from across Malleshwaram to help develop and create the most authentic recipes.

A trip to Eat Raja on any given day is assured to be a colourful one, as there are colourful fruit shells all around you. But, behind the scenes, what most people do not see is that Eat Raja goes an extra mile by making bio-enzyme cleaners with the help of citrus. The rest of the scraps from fruits go to making compost or are fed to cows.

You can get amazing fruit juices and milkshakes here, such as pineapple, watermelon, lemon, muskmelons, dragon fruit, grapefruit, banana, and many others. Plus, there are some amazing fruit combos as well.

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