Zesty Zambia!

Zesty Zambia!

Zesty Zambia!

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Known for having retained its same uniquely magical elements from ages before, Zambia is regarded as one of the most beautiful and friendly countries in Africa. It offers a diverse list of attractions for those looking to visit.


Kitwe has risen and risen in the last century to become one of Zambia’s most populous towns.Today, more than half a million folk call this one their home; most of whom sweat and toil away in the copper mines that first brought money to this corner of Central Africa.When you arrive, you’ll be able to see the consequences of the booming mining industries here.They loom in the form of metal rigs above the dusty ground, and pop up amidst the stalls of the city’s Obote Ave Market – look for the curious handmade copper trinkets.


Deep in the Zambian heartlands, a little Copperbelt town Chingola, is a lovely place. It’s topped with the dangling branches of acacia trees and the irregular spiny cactus, and ticks over to the reasonable thrum of copper mining machinery and the chitchat of local prospectors. Now, a number of good hotels and restaurants attract a humble crowd of tourists each year. They come to visit the huge open shaft mines that encompass the settlement.

Nsumbu National Park

Ranging from the sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika to the scrub-clad hills of the country’s Northern Province, the Nsumbu National Park is a diverse and enthralling experience of the Central African hinterland.It’s also something of a wildcard safari choice, only opening to mainstream visitors in the last couple of decades with the inauguration of gravel road connections to Kawambwa. Highlights of the park include the gorgeous reaches of Kasaba Bay, where elephants can be seen wandering the swamps.


The previous capital of Zambia, Livingstone was named after probably the most eminent explorer of the African continent who ever lived: David Livingstone. Actually, the place is a suitable memorial to the Scottish expeditionary and anti-slavery campaigner, not least of all because it’s the entrance to the rumbling cascades of the Victoria Falls. It’s also one of the popular places for safari goers and adventure tourists going forward to Central Africa, popular for its easy access to the ancient Zambezi National Park.

Devil’s Pool

Popular among tourists, the Devil’s Pool offers a breathtaking, natural infinity pool located on the edge of the Victoria Falls. Think that sounds like an exciting experience? You are not wrong – Look over the edge and you will be provided with an exhilarating view of the 100m drop. It is however important to note that swimming here is only an option from around mid-August to mid-January.

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