90% DNA a Junk??

Our DNA bank of genetic memory and inheritance is something that makes up every organism.

What if 90 per cent of the DNA which makes us unique individuals are pure junks???

According to a team of Oxford researchers, it is said that only 8.2% of our DNA is functional and is contributing in some way to the running of our bodies. The other 91.8%, as far as we know, sits there doing absolutely nothing, like a bunch of microscopic freeloaders.

You may think you would become an extraordinarily unique person with the functioning of that non-functional 90percent DNA.

Nope! That’s not the case here. Every DNA might develop mutations like cancer which may put individuals to lethal conditions. When all the 90 per cent of the DNA becomes functional we may become prone to more mutations which makes the situation worse. No doubt, right!!

The most interesting part here is that if the entire 100 per cent of the DNA starts functioning the risk of dangerous mutations would keep stacking up, which means we’d have to produce impossibly huge numbers of offspring for the small percentage of healthy bubs to survive.

Even the entire body is ruled by the functional minority. Genotypical politics maybe!!

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