A shrine for sick mail!

A shrine for sick mail!

A shrine for sick mail!

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Calling your boss to inform him on your sickness can be little daunting, even with a genuine ailment. Instead, sending an email eases this by giving time to choose words carefully and smartly. But this TV reporter’s sick mail has led to a shrine being created at his desk and a hashtag sending him prayers through twitter.

When local TV reporter Nick Vasas felt a little sick, he decided to take the courtesy of emailing a few of his colleagues to let them know he wasn’t going to be in.

Instead of telling the handful of colleagues who would be affected by his absence, the traffic reporter for Kansas City FOX4 accidentally emailed a thousands and thousands of employees from company, using the ‘breaking news’ contact list. This monumental blunder lead to a flood of concerned emails, a shrine being created and the hashtag – #PrayersForNick.

Employees were bombarded with ‘reply all’ responses with concerns for Nick as well-wishers sent their ‘thoughts and prayers’ from far. Many of the stations even used the resources at their disposal to record messages in the news studios to spread the news of Nick’s sick day which made it worse.

It appeared that the only station which didn’t receive the email was the one it was intended for. Nick took it all in his stride, responding to the messages and thanking people for their thoughts as he recovered from minor oral surgery the day before.

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