Anil Kumble says ban on saliva “Interim Measure”

ICC cricket committee chairman Anil Kumble says the recommendation to ban saliva for shining the ball is only an interim measure and “things will go back to normal” once the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control. The Kumble-led panel recommended a ban on saliva to minimise the risk of infection. On Friday, the ICC, in its guidelines for resumption of the game, also suggested a bar on the practice.

“…this is only an interim measure and as long as we have hopefully control over COVID in a few months or a year’s time then I think things will go back to as normal as it can be,” Kumble told Star Sports show ‘Cricket Connected’.

“If things get back to normal within three-four months and we are able to stage matches like we used to do in February and March, then these rules won’t apply.

“As long as the medical advisory doesn’t change, the rule will stay,” he added.

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