Arulnithi loses 7kg to play a student

Arulnithi loses 7kg to play a student

Arulnithi, who is known for his knack of picking interesting scripts, has now finalised a college-based drama as his next. The film will be directed by YouTuber Vijay Kumar Rajendran (of Eruma Saani fame). “It is a college-based script, inspired by a real story, and the entire film will take place within the premises of a college. Since Arulnithi plays the role of a college student, he has knocked off nearly seven kilos for the role. In fact, we were all quite surprised when he came for the shoot. He looks very young”, says Vijay.

Apart from directing the film, Vijay will also essay a role in the film. “I play his friend,” he says, adding, “We have just begun the shoot of this film.”

Arvinnd Singh, who’s the cinematographer and the producer of the film, tells us, “I have been working with Arul since Demonte Colony. We go back a long way. I met Vijay during the shoot of Natpe Thunai. It was then that he spoke to me about this script. I suggested Arulnithi for the lead, and as I expected, he liked the script. The rest of the cast and crew is being finalised.”

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