Bogota’s beauty!

Bogota’s beauty!

Bogota’s beauty!

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Located more than 2,500 meters (8,000 feet) above sea level is Bogota, the high-altitude capital city of Colombia. Bogota is far larger than most people imagine, comparable in size to metropolises like New York City and Mexico City. Within Bogota, you’ll find plenty of fascinating sights.


The city of Bogota is dominated by a mountain called Monserrate. At the top of the peak is a church and a shrine, and you’ll also be able to access stunning views over the city below. Also at the top are two lovely restaurants and plenty of souvenir stalls. There are several ways to get up and down Monserrate. A stone path takes about 90 minutes to hike up, but you can also ride the funicular. Monserrate is easily one of the top attractions in Bogota.

La Candelaria

This is probably the first thing tourists do in Bogotá because La Candelaria the historic center of the city.These colorful, bohemian streets are convenient to several tourist attractions, but the area can but a little sketchy, especially at night, so be aware of pickpockets.Follow the cobblestone streets past colorful Spanish colonial buildings and university halls, check out the street art, and pop into a few cathedrals.Have a drink at one of the many bars, cafes, and restaurants, and people watch.

Plaza de Bolivar

The energetic main square in the heart of Bogota is the Plaza de Bolivar. Surrounding the plaza, you’ll find several historic buildings including neoclassical palaces, government buildings and the largest church in all of Colombia. This destination used to be known as Plaza Mayor, but it was renamed in the 19th century after the military leader Simón Bolívar. The Plaza de Bolivar is the center of the city, and it is what Bogota truly grew around.

Museo del Oro

There are several fantastic museums in Bogota, but one of the most fascinating is the Museo del Oro, or the Museum of Gold. Before Columbus and other European explorers came to Colombia, gold was a significant part of the local culture and heritage. The Museo del Oro explores that, featuring an amazing collection of gold that dates from centuries past. You’ll find incredible pieces of melted gold made by countless tribes and groups from Latin America.

Villa De Leyva

Get out of the city and experience one of the most lovely little colonial towns in Colombia.This village has an impressive central square, cobblestone streets, and very well-preserved Spanish architecture.While you’re here, check out some unique attractions like Casa Terracotta, a whole functioning house made out of clay – many say it’s the largest piece of pottery in the world.There’s also a museum of fossils and even a vineyard.

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