Bringing back dead pets to life

Bringing back dead pets to life

Bringing back dead pets to life

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Humans of the present generation are more attached to their pets than their fellow beings. An unexpected demise of our pets brings a big blow in most of our lives. But here is a remedy for it, a firm from China says that it is working towards a technology that will allow customers to not only create a copy of their feline, but also implant memories into the test tube tabby.

Sinogene Biotechnology Company created what it called the world’s first cat clone last month, and is now charging £29,000 for the service. The hope for cat owners is that their beloved moggies can be cloned over and over, effectively allowing them to live on forever. But while cloned cats are genetically identical to their ‘ancestors’, each lab-grown pet forms their own personality and memories.

That could all be about to change. Sinogene says it’s dreaming up tech that would allow it to implant a cloned pet with the memories of your lost furry friend. That means your replacement would not only look like its deceased “ancestor”, but behave like it too.

To make the cloned animal share the same memories with the original, the company is considering the use of artificial intelligence or man-machine interface technology to store them or even pass the memories to cloned animals.

It paves the way for a future in which pets can live on forever as clones that replace one another over and over.

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