Chennai IIT develops ‘System on Chip’

Chennai, Sept 25:

Indian Institute of Technology Madras Researchers have successfully booted up ‘MOUSHIK,’ an indigenously-made Microprocessor. MOUSHIK is a processor cum ‘system on chip’ that can cater to the rapidly-growing IoT devices, an integral part of Smart Cities of a Digital India.

Moushik is a processor cum System on Chip (SoC), which means that, as a processor it can execute the instructions and as a SoC, different components can be attached to the it. This is the third in the series of six computer chips being designed as a part of the Shakti Microprocessor programme.

‘MOUSHIK’ was conceptualized, designed and developed at the Pratap Subrahmanyam Centre for Digital Intelligence and Secure Hardware Architecture (PS-CDISHA) of the RISE Group, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras. A video explaining the project can be viewed at

The MOUSHIK Silicon is manufactured using 180 nanometer technology.

Elaborating about the processes behind ‘MOUSHIK,’ Prof. Kamakoti Veezhinathan, Reconfigurable Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) Group, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras, said “The Design of the Microprocessor, Motherboard Printed Circuit Board Design, Assembly and Post-Silicon Boot-up were done at IIT Madras. The foundry-specific backend design and fabrication was undertaken at Semi-Conductor Laboratory of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) in Chandigarh and manufacturing of this motherboard was done at Bengaluru. Shakthi MOUSHIK SOC will constitute the heart of an indigenously-developed motherboard called ‘Ardonyx 1.0.’”

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