Children skip using a dead snake as rope

Children skip using a dead snake as rope

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In a video that is going viral and has netizens freaking out is that of three Vietnamese children skipping a rope and playing happily. However, the freaky thing about it is that when you take a closer look, you realise that the thing they are holding is not a rope but a dead snake.

In the viral video, a girl can be seen happily playing skip with her friends while they held two ends of the snake. An adults voice can be faintly heard in the background seemingly encouraging the kids to continue playing. The girl in the video can be seen fearlessly jumping as her friends hold the snake and spin it around.

The video appeared on YouTube last week and has since garnered over 155 thousand views. Netizens could not help themselves but comment to the viral video, a user commented on how this was a new way to make one’s meat tender before serving. While another commented that a wise man had once said that a snake without venom is like skipping rope for kids to play.

While the exact location of the video has not been confirmed, it is known that the video was taken somewhere in Vietnam. The short video also does not allow us to ascertain how the children obtained the snake or if it was the adult who can be heard in the background who provided the kids with the snake. The species of the snake can also not be identified.

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