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Coron, jewel of Philippines

Coron, jewel of Philippines

Coron, jewel of Philippines

Coron, jewel of Philippines.

Coron is a small, unassuming town on the island of Busuanga. 20 kilometres long, it is nestled at the northern tip of central Philippines. Coron island is popular among divers and travellers who want a bit of island-hopping and a bit of local living. The town, while small, is not yet overly touristy.

Lake Kayangan

Lake Kayangan is one of the most popular places in Coron and the most photographed. It gets incredibly crowded because of its scenic beauty. One can also have panoramic views much easier and a shorter climb from Mt. Tapyas. The key to enjoying this spot is to go early.

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake is one of Coron’s fresh water lakes, and the weirdest place one can imagine diving. To reach the lake, you have a short hike up rickety wooden stairs and slick granite rocks with all your dive gear on your back. The lake is a heliocline and a thermocline. That means it has layers of salt and fresh water, plus varying temperatures as hot as 38° C (100° F). Between being bizarrely hot while diving in a hot spring, it looks like the mountains from the movie Avatar underwater and you can just hang out suspended while taking in the view of underwater mountain peaks.

The lake is incredibly clear and it’s worth a stop even if you only snorkel, but to experience the hot spring and truly take in the magnitude of the underwater peaks, it’s best explored on a dive.

Twin Lagoon

The Twin Lagoon gets its name from a limestone wall that divides the water in to two lagoons. It is one of the most beautiful places one can ever experience.

During low tide, one can easily swim through an archway in the limestone wall to access the inner hidden lagoon. With the limestone towers of Calis Mountain embracing the inner lagoon, where fresh and salt water meet.

The limestone walls surrounding the inner lagoon are rich with corals and marine life. Aside from stiring up the brackish water and cause it temporarily to look like oil mixing with vinegar, one can see down clearly for at least 5o feet. This was one of the favorite places to snorkel because of the unique environment coupled with stunning walls of coral.

Boodle fights

Local food is something that bonds over all the people across the globe for its uniqueness. Boodle fights is one such local food practice of Coron which is known to be made up with long tables of rice and different kinds of dishes from grilled seafood to vegetables served on banana leaves. The long table requirement often happens during feasts or any other kind of celebration where food is one of the main highlights. There is no need to wait for a special occasion to experience a boodle fight now as its available in most of the restaurants of Coron.

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