Coronavirus-free destinations

Coronavirus outbreak has destroyed tourism to its max, it has become the talk of the hour with the virus claiming thousands of lives and infecting millions of people till date. More than half of the countries on the world map are suffering from the Nobel Coronavirus outbreak, and it seems to be spreading further with days. People have locked themselves in their own houses and have stopped travelling outside their countries for safety reasons.

If right measures and precautions are taken, travellers can plan their trip (though it’s advised to not undertake any non-essential travel) to the following destinations.

In Europe: Islands of Santorini and Mykonos in Greece

With Turkey confirming the first Coronavirus case today, there are only a handful of destinations left in Europe where the virus has not yet reached and it includes islands of Santorini and Mykonos in Greece. As per travel experts, if any of these islands are hit by the virus, the situation will be no less than a nightmare as the “market for the Mediterranean will basically collapse”. As of now, Italy, Spain and Germany have the highest recorded numbers of Coronavirus in Europe.

In Africa: Cape Verde or Republic of Cabo Verde

No case of the virus has been reported (yet) from the Republic of Cabo Verde, off the West African coast. The Coronavirus has not spread to these island regions.

In Asia: Bali

Though a few cases have been reported on the mainland of Indonesia, none has been reported from Bali and the destination remains Coronavirus-free as of now.

In Southeast Asia: Laos and Myanmar

Till now, Laos and Myanmar in South-East Asia have remained unaffected by the virus outbreak. Still, it is advised to exercise caution, given the destinations’ geographical closeness to countries such as China and South Korea where coronavirus is at its peak.

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