Dhruv’s desire to co star with his father Vikram

Dhruv Viram revealed his desire to co star with his father Vikram at a press meet held in Chennai.

Dhruv plays lead role in Adithya Varma, Tamil remake of Arjun Reddy, a super hit film of Telugu. The trailer of the film has received good responses.

Being the son of one of the most talented actors in the industry, Chiyaan Vikram, it was only natural that Dhruv too, took the acting route.

Speaking about the film Dhruv Vikram said,

Right from my childhood, I have been seeing my father on screen. When fans whistled and cheered for him in theatres, I used to think that the adulation was for me. I have watched many of his films and experienced fanfare. When I shot for Adithya Varma, dad was with me throughout the shoot every day. I did whatever he asked me to do. I had gone abroad to learn acting and after working in Varma that was scrapped later, I had a bit of acting experience, too. But I think you will see my dad on screen, not me,” he said with a grin.

‘When you do a remake, you have to respect the original script and stick to certain things. You do what has already been done. But you can certainly add your style.’ Dhruv added.In future I want to act with my dad, If I get chance I will act. My favourite film of my father is ‘Beema’. I want to act in remake of ‘Beema’. I am also interested in directing a film, added Dhruv Vikram.

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