Emotion sensing wristband!

Our emotions have always been on our ‘hard-to-control’ lists… It is also quite hard to understand them, but now with the help of a wrist band, people can keep a check on their feelings.

Researchers from Lancaster University have come up with a smart band that changes colour, heats up, squeezes or vibrates as your emotions are heightened. The researchers worked with thermochromic materials that change colour when heated up, as well as devices that vibrate or squeeze the wrist.


A skin response sensor picks up changes that occur in our body due to emotional changes, through galvanic skin response, which measures the electrical conductivity of the skin. The wrist band then responds based on the type of emotion sensed, by evaluating the amount of skin’s electrical conductivity picked by the sensor.

This has been made for the everyday use of the people to enable them to know what emotion they are going through. These wrist-worn private effective wearable can serve as a bridge between mind and body and can help people connect to their feelings.

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