Enigmatic Edmonton!

Enigmatic Edmonton!

Enigmatic Edmonton!

Known for its natural beauty, culture, history and attractions, Edmonton is a city for everyone. It is home to Canada’s largest living history museum, Canada’s largest historical park and North America’s largest mall. If that is not enough, it is also has a vibrant theatre scene, numerous professional sports teams and some stunning architecture.

Alberta Legislature Building

The Alberta Legislature Building is the meeting place of the Legislative Assembly and Executive Council of Edmonton. Visitors can enjoy guided tours through this famous building where knowledgeable Heritage Interpreters share the political history and culture of Alberta and the daily routine of the Legislative Assembly. The tour also takes an in-depth look at the design and architecture of the building and the parliamentary traditions and ceremonies that take place within it.

West Edmonton Mall

Canada’s West Edmonton Mall is not only the country’s largest shopping center-and one of the largest in the world-it’s also a major tourist attraction. In addition to hundreds of shops and restaurants, the facility contains a hotel, movie theaters, an ice rink, an aquarium, and much more. Adding to the appeal are the themed sections of the mall, designed to mimic the feel of popular travel destinations around the world. In Europa Boulevard, for example, many of the shops have European-style fronts and carry the names of international fashion designers.

Royal Alberta Museum

The Royal Alberta Museum moved to its new location in 2018, and is now western Canada’s largest museum. Home to a fascinating mix of permanent cultural and natural history exhibits, as well as always-changing temporary installations, a visit to this ultra-modern facility is certainly time well spent. Particularly impressive are the many fossils from the dinosaur and ice age eras, a large aquaria of native fish, and live insects-including some exotic and enormous species and red squirrels.

TELUS World of Science

TELUS World of Science is all about science and aims to encourage, inspire, and educate visitors about the world of science and technology and the important roles the play in today’s society. The center is home to two state-of-the-art theaters, one of which is a new IMAX Laser 4K Projector theater, a range of science-related exhibitions and displays, and a modern observatory where visitors can learn about the night sky. The TELUS World of Science also offers a variety of programs, workshops, and camps.

Traditional taste

Foods such as bannock, moose, deer, bison, pemmican, maple taffy, and Métis stews such as barley stew are all either traditional Indigenous foods or originated in Canada with roots in Indigenous cuisines, and are eaten widely throughout the country.

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