Flash bus strike leaves thousands stranded, latter called off

Hundreds of state-run Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) went off the roads in Chennai on Monday as drivers and conductors announced a flash strike protesting against non-payment of salary for the month of June.

The flash strike caused severe inconvenience to thousands of commuters who depend on MTC buses to reach their offices, colleges and schools. People were in for a shock as they reached bus depots and bus stops in the morning as there were no buses for hours together.

Drivers and conductors in several depots across the city reported for work in the morning but refused to carry out their responsibilities demanding an immediate deposit of their June month salaries.

They said salaries are usually deposited in their bank accounts by the end of the month and so far, their wages have not been credited for the month of June.

However, the MTC management said the salaries were delayed due to bank holidays and will be credited by Monday evening.

Transport corporations in Tamil Nadu are heavily debt-laden and don’t pay dues to employees who retire or take VRS on time. Majority of the buses and depots have been mortgaged to nationalised banks in the state.

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