‘Gangs of Madras’ a revenge drama

‘Gangs of Madras’  a revenge drama

‘Gangs of Madras’ a revenge drama

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Director : C.V. Kumar
Cast: Priyanka Ruth, Bagavathi Perumal, Daniel Balaji, Velu Prabhakaran
Gangs of Madras is a stellar revenge story directed by C.V. Kumar
Gangs of Madras is the story of Jaya aka Razia Sultana (a fantastic Priyanka Ruth), seeking revenge as she can’t come to terms with the loss of her unborn child and husband Ibrahim (Ashok).
Razia learns Mohammed Rowther (Velu Prabhakaran) is responsible for her husband’s death and plots to kill him, with the help of Boxy (Daniel Balaji), who trains her. Mostly, gangster dramas are structured within the confines of an unfeasible ‘action hero’ universe. But this one works because of a convincing female protagonist.Kumar establishes the traumatic void in great detail – how a sudden death of a loved one can derail someone. Razia says, “Namakkana nyayatha namba thaan thedikkanum”— and Kumar gradually makes us understand how true that is. In fact, he gives us a lot of time to take in the randomness of the characters.
For example, Razia murders someone on the road, walks casually into the small eatery she was at, and continues to eat biryani. And after killing a bunch of men, she watches a dance sequence on the television as if nothing happened.
Overall, Gangs of Madras keeps you hooked, even though there are several violent scenes in the film.

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