Gulab jamun pizza drives hate

Gulab jamun pizza drives hate

Gulab jamun pizza drives hate

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Not so long back the debate wave on sweet maggi went viral on internet platform. Now here is a new entry to this list – gulab jamun pizza.

The photo of a pizza with gulab jamuns as a topping is doing the rounds of social media platforms and no one has anything nice to say about it.

The photo that is going viral is of three boxes of the bizarre sweet pizza, that has rose petals, sliced almonds and gulab jamuns.

The photo first appeared on Reddit on the site’s Pakistan’s page and was among the most upvoted.

While some were disgusted by the dish, there were a few who commented they would like to taste the dish. In short, the image of the gulab jamun pizza has evoked all sorts of emotions in people.

One said, “Italy please invade us and just end it all”, while another user wrote, “Burn it down”.

The reactions were similar on Twitter as well, with many calling it “blasphemy”. Some said that no matter how much they loved pizza and gulub jamun, the two do not go together.

“And just like that pineapple pizza isn’t the most hated pizza on planet,” one user remarked.

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