Hidden ‘Grand’ Canyon of India

Gandikota is a small village in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh that is known for its spectacular gorge formed by river Pennar that cuts through the Erramala hills. This handsome piece of Nature’s architecture has come to be known as the Hidden Grand Canyon of India by travelers who visit it and get bewitched by its beauty.
There are several other attractions in and near the village that allure visitors, the most special being the ancient, magnificent Gandikota fort that sits majestically on top of the gorge. Apart from the unmatched beauty of the gorge, the mystical charm of this fort makes a visit to this village all the more exciting for history lovers and adventure seekers.
For once, it houses the Indian version of Grand Canyon that, over the coming years, might be giving serious competition to its Arizona counterpart owing to its breathtaking beauty. And the best part, this small, offbeat village has not yet been commercialised, which means you’re not likely to find noisy crowds of tourists photobombing your selfies and garbage littered about everywhere!

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