Homy Haiti!

Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean nation which is located on the Hispaniola in the Caribbean region with the Dominican Republic lying to its east. Port-au-Prince is popular as the capital of this Caribbean island. A visit to Haiti is an amazing experience since this exquisite island is indeed a paradise with turquoise waters, eye-catching golden shores, lush green vegetation, heavenly mountaintops, spectacular, colorful landscape, historical monuments, and pleasant environment.

Port Salut

One of the finest methods to search out where you should be going at your leisure destination is to pay attention the natives. They’re the people who pass all their time in these spots, so they tend to know the private spots and hidden regions that are off the beaten path and away from the cacophonous gathering of visitors. Port Salut is a best instance. It’s very famous among the Haitian people for its serene atmosphere, and plenty of fine restaurants and stores can be located nearby.


Labadee is a private port, and a secluded piece of paradise. Owned by the Royal Caribbean International cruise company, the white sandy beaches and crystal water here make it one of the most enchanting destinations on the island. Besides relaxing on the beach by the blue sea, visitors can shop from a selection of Haitian vendors, participate in watersports or try their hand at a zipline.

Kokoye Beach

Kokoy beach is the ideal Caribbean paradise copied in leisure brochures worldwide, with pristine white sand, turquoise waters and long, gorgeous palm trees oscillating slowly in the warm wind. The beach is one of the best tourist attractions in Haiti for snorkeling, and is an ideal choice for those wishing to avoid uproar of visitors; Entry is just attainable via boat or by hiking.


The largest waterfall in the area, Saut-Mathurine is an alluring cascade in the southwest region of Haiti. The Rivière de Cavaillon provides the source for the waterfall’s stream, and its aqua waters are easily accessible for paddling and swimming. The drive to Saut-Mathurine offers beautiful views of the country and the lush greenery on all sides.

How to reach?

There are no direct flights between India and Haiti. Flights can be taken from New Delhi to London first and then one can reach Haiti via a stop in Turks and Caicos islands. The main airlines operating on this route are British Airways and interCarribean Airways. Entry is possible via roadways from the neighbouring countries of Dominican Republic.

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