Hunter befriends Jazz

South Africa:

Friendship blooms unexpectedly at unexpected moments. It can be lauded as the only relationship that cuts across the screens of caste, creed, color etc… here we have a set of weirdo’s, Hunter the dog and Jazz the giraffe who have chosen their friendship from the most unexpected place.

Jazz, the abandoned two day old giraffe rescued by a farmer in a weak and dehydrated state was taken to a South African rhino orphanage but, despite being out of place he has made a new friend.

The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo Province, South Africa, was the closest place, the farmer thought, as he called them for help.

Surrounded by rhinos, Jazz might have worried about finding a friend but he was quickly adopted by our hero ‘the centre’s watchdog-Hunter’. Hunter has been caring for Jazz ever since, sitting with him and even sleeping beside him. “They bonded immediately” said the Caretaker Janie Van Heerden. The video of them being together cuddling, exchanging and transferring love is taking the netizens in aww.

It’s not the cuteness that took netizens by surprise, but the quality of friendship between them which is missing among the present day humans. Jazz and Hunter here other than being cute reminds us that care and emotion has to be cherished among all living beings.

Being fed with milk and leaves, the little champ Jazz is starting to get better. He is expected to get a new home soon!

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