India’s call to US at UN to lift sanctions on Cuba

United Nations, Nov 2:
India reiterated its support for the lifting of all sanctions imposed five decades ago by the US against Cuba, saying the continued existence of the embargo undermines multilateralism and the credibility of the UN itself.
Diplomats representing more than 135 countries including India overwhelmingly called on the Trump administration to end its economic, commercial and financial embargo against the Caribbean island, saying the nearly six-decade-long blockade impedes Cuba’s right to development and its ability to participate fully in the global economy.
“People to people contact holds immense possibilities for fostering better understanding between nations. The international community needs to intensify its efforts to promote an environment free from sanctions and embargoes. India hopes that the embargo will be withdrawn at the earliest,” India’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Tanmaya Lal said Wednesday.

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