Katy Perry shares her happy pregnancy experience

Over the past few months, Katy Perry has been in the news as much for her personal life as for her music — the pop icon is expecting her first child with actor-fiancé Orlando Bloom. However, Katy, who is in the ninth month of her pregnancy, has no plans to take it slow. In fact, she is busy promoting her album, ‘Smile’, which is slated to release by the end of this month.
In an exclusive chat with Bombay Times, the ‘Firework’ singer said, “I have had a pretty good pregnancy and I feel really, really blessed. We all know that women are incredible at multi-tasking and talented in general. And, that is why God gave us the gift of having children, because God understood that we can handle it.”

While this is her first pregnancy, not many know that the pop star has helped her sister Angela deliver her two babies — now aged three and six — in her living room. However, now that her own baby is due any day, is she excited or nervous? “I am not nervous,” she replied, adding, “I have this kind of trust and understanding that millions of women have done it before me and that it is something that happens to thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of women. So, I am not alone in that feeling, and, you know, I am not nervous or fearful. There is no reason to be, it is just like wasted energy. But, it has been interesting trying to know, ‘Okay well, what are the protocols of being in a hospital right now?’ ‘What are the protocols of having cravings?’”
Referring to the current pandemic that has affected people across the world, and changed everyone’s lives, Katy said, “Everything in our lives has been interrupted in some way, there is a lot of thought about every single movement we make as humans right now… So, there’s no nerves, or fear, but definitely there is a lot of going with the flow.”


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