Kumari Kandam: The pride of Tamil history!

Kumari Kandam:  The pride of Tamil history!

Kumari Kandam: The pride of Tamil history!

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Kumari Kandam refers to a mythical lost continent with an ancient Tamil civilization, located south of present-day India in the Indian Ocean. This is the ‘lost continent’ of Lemuria.
The term Kumari Kandam first appeared in the 15 th century Kanda Puranam, the Tamil version of the Skanda Puranam. According to the stories, there was a portion of land that was once ruled by the Pandiyan kings and was swallowed by the sea. When narratives about Lemuria arrived in India, the country was going through a period when folklore was beginning to permeate historic knowledge as facts. As a result, Lemuria was quickly equated with Kumari Kandam.
One piece of evidence used to support the existence of Kumari Kandam is Adam’s Bridge located in the Palk Strait extending 18 miles from mainland India to Sri Lanka. This strip of land was once believed to be a natural formation, however, others argue that images taken by a NASA satellite depict this land formation to be a long broken bridge under the ocean’s surface.
And then, there is one set of people who stand against the concept of Kumari Kandam holding proof of their own. And here are a few of them
The, Kumari Kandam is said to lie predominantly in the Indian Ocean. The historians claim the Kumari Kandam was submerged under water due to melting of the ice caps. Even if all the present day’s ice in the world melts, the sea level rises only by 216 feet(65.83 meters). The average depth of Indian Ocean is 12,990 feet(3,960 meters). Imagine the quantity of ice to be present at the poles in order to raise the sea level by almost 4 kilometers and submerge the Kumari Kandam.
Every one knows how the Himalayas are formed in the northern part of India. The Himalayas are formed due to the Continental Drift. The Indian, African, Australian and South American Plates drift towards the Northern American and Eurasian Plates and collide with them. The Indian plate on colliding with the Eurasian plate, formed the Himalayas. If this is the case, where did the Kumari Kandam come from?
As the average depth of Indian Ocean is 4 kms, the depth of the Kumari Kandam can be assumed to be close to 4 kms or even deeper. How can such a huge area of low lying land of Kumari Kandam can be formed amidst the high lying India, Africa and Australia?
So there is one set of people who strongly believe in the existence of Kumari Kandam, where there is another set who stands strongly against the concept. But Kumari Kandam always stand as a pride in our history. So its time which should bring out the truth behind Kumari Kandam.

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