Mandatory walks for dogs!!

Mandatory walks for dogs!!

Mandatory walks for dogs!!

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When was the last time you took your dog out for a walk?? Still thinking??…. If so then never even in your dream think of settling in Australia as they have passed a new law wherein the dog owners would be fined a sum of $2,700 (INR 1,90,000) if they don’t take their dogs on a regular walk.

This new legislation recognizing animals as sentient beings inturn imposing a range of strict penalties on the owners in a bid to improve animal welfare.

Owners can also face heavy on-the-spot fines if they fail to even provide basics like shelter, food and water. People who confine dogs for 24 hours must also allow them to move freely for the next two hours or they might face prosecution.

The territory is the first jurisdiction in Australia to recognize animal sentience.

“Modern animal welfare is about considering how an animal is coping both mentally and physically with the conditions in which it lives,” says Chris Steel, ACT City Service Minister who secured the bill.

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