Medan, Sumatra’s major metropolis!

Medan, Sumatra’s major metropolis!

Medan, Sumatra’s major metropolis!

Medan, its thriving capital in Sumatra, is a cultural hub, culinary heaven, and fantastic gateway to the many natural hidden gems on the island. Its surrounding areas are just as worth exploring too — not only do they boast lush greenery and cerulean lakes, they’re also home to many underrated natural wonders. Here’s the best part: Medan is a mere 1.5 hour away by flight, and there are multiple flights from Singapore daily!

Tjong A Fie Mansion

Anyone who has been to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang in Malaysia may find Tjong A Fie Mansion familiar, and Tjong A Fie was actually a relative of Cheong Fatt Tze hence the similarities between the two buildings.The mansion is one of the top attractions in Medan and is a great place to see how people would have lived in this city in the 1900s.You can take a guided tour around the mansion which will take around an hour and hear all about the history here with one of the attentive guides.

Two-Colour Waterfall

Sibolangit Waterfall is not like any other waterfall: its 100-metre long cascade is a shade of greyish-white, while its plunge pool is a dazzling emerald blue — a result of a unique phenomenon in which two different colours exist in the same waterfall! Picture it against a rocky cliff and calm greenery… The view is simply breathtaking. The water can be a bit chilly but if you’re game, you can dive into it!

Istana Maimun

Istana Maimun is the name of the royal palace in Medan which belonged to the Sultanate of Deli.Nowadays parts of the palace are open to the public and have been turned into a museum.These include the throne room and there are a few displays that explain the history of the royal family and some collections of ancient clothing and other objects of interest.One of the big draws here is that for a small fee you can dress up in period garb and take pictures in the throne room, and you can also walk around the lush grounds that encircle the palace.

Museum Of North Sumatra

The Museum of North Sumatra is the best museum in the city and a must-visit if you want to know more about the history and culture of the province.At the museum you will find galleries that tell the story of the different periods of North Sumatran history and take you through the Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim eras as well as the Dutch colonial period.There are also collections dedicated to ancient weaponry, textiles, farming equipments, and sculptures, and you will also find some amazing wooden coffins carved in the shapes of dragons.

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