New York COVID19 cases crosses China

New York COVID19 cases crosses China

New York COVID19 cases crosses China

New York:

New York City, the epicenter of the COVID19 pandemic in the US, now alone has over 100,000 novel coronavirus cases, more than the confirmed cases in China and the UK, according to latest official data.

Statistics from the New York City government said an increase of at least 5,695 cases on Sunday put the city’s total number of coronavirus infections at over 104,410 as of April 12 and 27,676 hospitalisations. The city’s current death toll is 6,898.

New York City now has more coronavirus cases than China and the UK. According to estimates by Johns Hopkins University, there are 85,208 coronavirus cases in the UK, 83,135 in China and 71,686 in Iran.

The US has 557,300 cases and over 22,000 people have died so far. Globally the number of COVID19 cases is over 1.8 million and 114,185 people have died from the disease.

More than 189,000 cases have been reported in New York state, the hardest-hit state in the US, and the death toll now stands at 9385.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters on Sunday that the past week was a “very, very tough” one in the city’s hospitals.

And we have never, ever underestimated this enemy we’re fighting. Coronavirus is ferocious and has presented us with challenges that we have never ever seen before. And that certainly our nation has not seen anything like in a century.

He said while it was a tough and painful week for New York City, it was not as worse as had been initially expected.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said 758 more people died in the state from coronavirus in a 24-hour period, describing it as “terrible news” even as the infection rate continues to slow and stressed he will work with New Jersey and Connecticut on a coordinated plan to reopen the economy that also safeguards public health.

He emphasised that the last thing New York needs is an uptick in the infection rate and hospitalization numbers that the state has worked so hard to bring down. So we need a strategy that coordinates business and schools and transportation and workforce. Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an order on Sunday, extending the disaster declaration for all Texas counties in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Texas officials said on Sunday about 13,500 state residents have tested positive for the COVID-19, and 271 died.

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